Handle external order edits

Sometimes you may notice a warning on the app's "Orders" or "Serialize items" pages indicating that the order contains more tracked than total items. The issue may be caused by item(s) being removed from outside the app, e.g. via Shopify's "Edit order" or "Return items" pages or other apps.

Why does it happen?

When a portion of items is removed from the order's line outside the app, the app doesn't "know" which exact items were removed. Therefore, it still keeps the serial numbers of the removed items. Shopify does not support product serialization.

This is only a problem if a subset of items within the line is removed, e.g. 1 out of 2. It is not a problem when all items in the same line are removed, e.g. 1 out of 1, 2 out of 2, etc.

How can I fix it?

On the "Serialize items" page, remove the unwanted item(s). Click/tap the "Edit items", then "Remove" and "Done".

Once you're happy with the changes, please save by clicking/tapping the "Update order" button.

How can I prevent this warning?

Please remove items in the app if you need to do so. The app closely mimics Shopify admin's "Edit order" functionality. Unfortunately, the "Return items" functionality is not yet implemented.

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