Enable product tracking

The first step is to select which product variants you would like to track using serial numbers.

Go to the products page in the app. There you will see a list of your product variants with the following selectable options:

You can override the warranty duration for each item on the "Serialize items" page via the "Edit items" menu. The expiry is automatically calculated from the order date.

If you have many variants with the same tracking configuration on the same page, you can select and edit them via the "Edit variant properties" bulk action.

Once you are happy with the edited properties, hit the "Save" button(s).

Variant properties are saved in the Shopify variant metafield under namespace "serializer" and key "properties". Please do not delete or edit metafields under the "serializer" namespace. Learn more about metafields.

Well done! You're now ready to track your items using serial numbers. Let's jump into the next section.

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