Add serial numbers to orders

Unique items are automatically generated for every trackable product variant when an order is created. Every tracked item contains a unique item ID, which can be used as a serial number. This option may be helpful for digital, custom-made or other types of products that do not currently have serial numbers provided by a manufacturer or supplier.

Please skip this section if you wish to use automatically generated item IDs. Otherwise, let's carry on with the rest of this page.

Select order(s) to serialize

There are multiple ways to navigate to the order items' serialization page.

Shopify admin orders page

Select the orders you wish to serialize. Click/tap "More actions" and then "Serialize items".

Shopify admin order details page

Click/tap "More actions" and then "Serialize items".

Orders page within the app

Click/tap on the order row in the table. Alternatively, select multiple orders and click/tap on the "Serialize items" button.

Input serial numbers

Serial numbers can be entered in several different ways. The most basic approach is to type the numbers manually.

However, this strategy can be slow, especially for large quantities of serial numbers. Fortunately, there are quicker ways to do it.

Paste serial numbers

Suppose you already track serial numbers of the sold items (e.g. during the order fulfilment process) in electronic files or external software. In that case, you can copy the serial numbers from outside the app and paste them into the serial numbers' input field for each line item.

Scan serial numbers

Alternatively, you can scan serial numbers via the Shopify mobile app using the device's camera

or a barcode scanner in HID mode.

For barcode scanners, I recommend setting up a carriage return, new line, comma or space as a barcode terminator/suffix to automatically add a serial number separator. If such a setting isn't set, you must manually type one of the separator characters after each scanned serial number.

Save changes

Once you're happy with the changes, save them by clicking/tapping the "Update order" button. Your entered information will be saved in Serializer's database and Shopify's order metafield under the namespace "serializer" and key "properties".

Please do not delete or edit metafields under the namespace "serializer".

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